Yesterday’s stand-alone CCTV deployments have evolved rapidly into a new generation of IP-integrated solutions, offering unimagined levels of system integration, management and reliability alongside lower cost of ownership.

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Looking after your property and your valuables is essential in todays world and we are confident at NextGen Communications that we have a solution for your security needs. 

Satisfy your peace of mind by allowing the right security systems to be installed; 
Video surveillance provides increased site security with a visual overview of what is happening at your premises. A camera system can offer an increased sense of security and reassurance that your premises are protected. In the case of an attempted breach, video footage will provide you with evidence and possible identification. Video cameras can also act as an effective deterrent against potential security violations.
Managing your security surveillance has never been easier; 
Running surveillance or CCTV cameras – wireless or wired – over your IP network brings multiple benefits and savings, giving you far more flexibility to safeguard people, protect property and mitigate risk, 24/7. With the right network capacity, the latest high-definition (HD) surveillance cameras, digital video recorders and video management systems (VMS) deliver consistently fast performance, resilience and high-quality images that are easy to retrieve, store and manage.

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